About us

  • ˾ CEO

    Company operation and management experience in enterprise strategy formulation, marketing team building, customer relationship development and maintenance for 10+ years. 2018 Shanghai Technology-based Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Fund

  • ¥ COO

    Project Process Management and Organizational Relationship Construction Metabolomics Technical Service Project Experience for 10+ years Metabolome Biomarker Screening High-tech achievements Project Biotree Party Branch Secretary

  • ǿ CTO

    2017 Shanghai, Jiading Youth Leading Talents Mass Spectrometry analysis experience, technology development for 10+years MAPS Research and Development 1 Invention Patent and 5 Utility Model Patents

  • ξȫ CSO

    Postdoctoral fellow, University of Texas Health Science Center Dean of Biotree Health Research Institute 14th High-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Team in Shanghai, Jiading

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