Biotree Brand Update New logo is coming now!

Shanghai Biotree Biomedical Technology Co,Ltd.(Biotree) was established in April 2013, aims to provide sample detection, big data analysis and technical product development in life science area and to establish an authoritative detection and analysis service organization.

Biotree has set up platforms including untargeted metabolomicshigh-throughput targeted metabolomicstargeted metabolomicsmetabolic flux and etc.

After 8 years of development, Biotree is becoming more mature, and its brand influence is expanding day by day. It has 5 subsidiaries:

In order to further enhance brand image, strengthen the personalized recognition and communication power, the new  brand  will be officially launched,on July 1, 2020.

The main colors of the new LOGO  are current blue and vein green.

All plant cells in nature are a special kind of electromagnetism, the whole plant has a constant weak current which could help plant grow.As Biotree's vision is improving life quality, using mass spectrometry detection, which weigh small and large molecules with electricity. The application of current blue could interprete our mission.

Veins are vascular bundles of different thickness distributed on leaves, which play a role of transport and support in the mesophyll tissue.Leaf veins provide water and inorganic salts to the plant and output photosynthetic products, to support plant  extend and ensure the smooth physiological functions.Biotree is developing as the life in the boundless universe to create more value.The application of leaf vein green accords with the positioning and goal of the life science field,'Cease to struggle and you cease to live'

Brand upgrade is not only a visual iteration, but also a strategic upgrade.From now on, we would use  "BIOTREE Ȥ" to external publicity!

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